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Quick and Easy DIY Baby Leg Warmers


We love Baby Legs at our house. They are a perfect extra layer for my little guys during the brutal Ithaca winters. They are wonderful “knee pads” for my little scooter. And they are just plain cute. We have several pairs that rotate between the boys, but I wanted to find a way to make them myself so I could add some cute holiday fun without spending tons of money on something they can only wear for a month or two. So I was super excited to come across this idea and decided to give it a try. I think they came out really well and will make a great Halloween treat for the little ones in my life.

Start with a pair of cute socks. The ones shown here are knee socks. They make nice long legwarmers for older toddlers. Babies will do better with regular ankle socks.

Cut just above the heel, so you have a long tube.

Next cut the toe and heel off of the foot of the sock.

You should now have four pieces.

Fold the foot of the sock in half. This will be your cuff.

Pin the cuff to the leg of the sock, making sure to have the patterns facing the correct way and sew in a straight stitch, pulling gently as you go so you leave a little room to stretch.

At this point, I like to reinforce with a zig zag stitch so nothing frays. This is optional.

Repeat with the other sock and TADA! Cute baby leg warmers to add a little flare to your baby’s wardrobe!



DIY Dress Forms!

I have been wishing, wanting, hoping for a dress form for years, but I just couldn’t justify buying one. I mean I don’t sew for myself all that much and they are expensive! So I was so excited to find directions to make your own dress form yesterday, that I just had to try it. And of course it made me want to jump up and down that the only thing I had to buy new was duct tape! Everything else is recycled. Yea! Here is what you need:
Duct tape and lots of it. I used about 50 yds.

An old T shirt. The longer the better.

Newspaper or other recycled filler. Fabric scraps would work nicely.

A very patient helper. You can not make the form by yourself, so you either need a model or a constructor. (do this in a room without windows if you have neighbors:) )

Have the model put on the T shirt. Start with a band of tape just under the bust line. Next make an “X” to outline the breasts and go over the shoulders. It should look like this now.

Front Back

Next have the model pull the shirt down gently and starting at the bust line, wrap the ribs and tummy in tape. Go as far down as you can staying on the shirt, around the hip bones. You want the tape to overlap. Go over this area several times until you have two or three layers of tape on the entire area. You want the tape to be tight, but not so tight that the model is uncomfortable. It should look like this.

Front Back

Next fill in the bust. Make sure not to bind the breasts. Just follow the curves with the tape and take the tape all the way over the shoulders. It should look almost like a V neck tank top.

p1020214 p1020215

Now you just fill in any places you haven’t gotten to like under the arms and up to the neck line. Be sure to have at least two layers of tape on the entire torso. The smoother you can make the top layer of tape, the better. It should look like this (we ran out of the black tape).
p1020216 p1020217

Have the model arch her back as much as possible and cut straight up the back through the tape and shirt so she can carefully wiggle out. Then tape the back together again. Tape up the arm holes and neck hole.

Then stuff! Be sure to fill the breasts so they don’t collapse and pack as much stuffing as you can into the form. You want it to be very firm. You can cut a piece of cardboard to close up the bottom or just tape it shut. That’s it! You can cover the form in fabric if you like for a finished look or leave it as is. Happy sewing!

New Owl Buddies!

Check out these adorable Owl Buddies.


Each owl is individually cut and crafted to give it a unique personality.


They are made completely of recycled wool, right down to the stuffing!  etsystuffing

We will be posting more as they become available. It you have a color scheme request let us know and we will make your very own owl buddy!