Baby Cookies

p1010264I love to bake. I love the smells, the feel of the the dough, and thinking up new ways to make nutritious treats. I especially love baking for babies. Something about feeding children is just so satisfying.
As soon as my little one was ready for solids, I started looking for recipes. Baby mum mums were a great occasional treat, but they have so much sugar. Dried mango was another option. He loved to suck on it, but I wanted something better. Something comforting. Something homemade.
So here is my recipe for baby cookies. They can be changed around to fit your baby’s needs and tastes.

What you need:
1 cup baby cereal (plain or flavored)

1 cup flour (white, whole wheat, rice…)

1 cup liquid (juice, water, formula or breastmilk)

2 or 3 TBSPs oil or apple sauce

What you do:

Preheat the oven. More options here. Put the oven on 200 for hard teething buiscits, 350 for softer cookies.

Mix liquid and apple sauce or oil. Add the cereal and mix well. The dough will be sticky.

Grease a cookie sheet. You can drop the dough by small spoonfuls on the sheet. You can roll it out and cut out shapes (use lots of flour on your work surface first). OR you can put the dough into a pastry bag (or a plastic bag with the corner cut off) and pipe the dough into rings or logs.

Then bake until they are done. I know that that is vague, but because the recipe has so many options so does the cook time. For hard biscuits cook on 200 until they dry out. If you want cookies bake at 350 until just brown.
Make sure to let them cool all the way before you put them into little hands. These, freeze really well. In fact I used to give them to my teether still frozen to sooth his gums.

Our favorite combo was plain rice cereal, apple juice, rice flour, and apple sauce. The rice flour makes the cookies dissolve quickly.


The Summertime Challenge

The warm weather is finally making it’s way to frosty Ithaca, NY. The sun is shining, and babies all over town are stretching out their legs, finally free of snow pants. It is time to put forth my summertime challenge.

Most cloth diapering parents can get on board with wool covers. Natural fibers, breathable, recycled… what’s not to love? But when the warm weather comes rolling in, most bail on their woolies. Those sweet little sweater butts lose their appeal when it is 75 and sunny.

I understand, really I do. I mean who would want to wear a wool sweater on a sunny day? Not me. But I’d choose that wool sweater over a trash bag in a heartbeat.

That is the part that is so easy to forget. It is not wool versus cotton. It is wool versus vinyl. So give your woollies a shot. Your baby will thank you. Since wool is so breathable, your baby will not overheat. And look how cute they are!


Officially A Toddler


My little one is now officially a toddler. Yes, he has been walking for months and is babbling up a storm, but I really put his toddlerhood to the test today.

We went to toddler storytime at the library.

I was worried that we’d get dirty looks from the parents of more established toddlers whose children sit the whole time and listen intently to the story. We have been going to “Baby, Books and Bounce Time”, where babies are expected to make noise and crawl all over the place. We love it, but when the “new generation” started coming in and my little walking, talking, gotta check everything out, 15 month old boy was up against a handful of 2 month old babies, I thought it was time to move on.

So we made the leap and to my shock, he sat and listened to the story while the parents of those big kids chased their children around trying to coax them to sit. He checked everyone out with his little legs crossed, like a perfect little sweetheart.

For almost 15 whole minutes.

I was so proud I could hardly keep from smiling when he had finally had enough and made a dive for some little girl’s goldfish.

DIY Dress Forms!

I have been wishing, wanting, hoping for a dress form for years, but I just couldn’t justify buying one. I mean I don’t sew for myself all that much and they are expensive! So I was so excited to find directions to make your own dress form yesterday, that I just had to try it. And of course it made me want to jump up and down that the only thing I had to buy new was duct tape! Everything else is recycled. Yea! Here is what you need:
Duct tape and lots of it. I used about 50 yds.

An old T shirt. The longer the better.

Newspaper or other recycled filler. Fabric scraps would work nicely.

A very patient helper. You can not make the form by yourself, so you either need a model or a constructor. (do this in a room without windows if you have neighbors:) )

Have the model put on the T shirt. Start with a band of tape just under the bust line. Next make an “X” to outline the breasts and go over the shoulders. It should look like this now.

Front Back

Next have the model pull the shirt down gently and starting at the bust line, wrap the ribs and tummy in tape. Go as far down as you can staying on the shirt, around the hip bones. You want the tape to overlap. Go over this area several times until you have two or three layers of tape on the entire area. You want the tape to be tight, but not so tight that the model is uncomfortable. It should look like this.

Front Back

Next fill in the bust. Make sure not to bind the breasts. Just follow the curves with the tape and take the tape all the way over the shoulders. It should look almost like a V neck tank top.

p1020214 p1020215

Now you just fill in any places you haven’t gotten to like under the arms and up to the neck line. Be sure to have at least two layers of tape on the entire torso. The smoother you can make the top layer of tape, the better. It should look like this (we ran out of the black tape).
p1020216 p1020217

Have the model arch her back as much as possible and cut straight up the back through the tape and shirt so she can carefully wiggle out. Then tape the back together again. Tape up the arm holes and neck hole.

Then stuff! Be sure to fill the breasts so they don’t collapse and pack as much stuffing as you can into the form. You want it to be very firm. You can cut a piece of cardboard to close up the bottom or just tape it shut. That’s it! You can cover the form in fabric if you like for a finished look or leave it as is. Happy sewing!

Nursing Shirts– Soon to Come!

I have been working on a new design for a cowl neck nursing shirt made from recycled T Shirts. As a new momma I HATED that I spent months in ugly maternity clothes only to have my little guy and spend more months in ugly nursing clothes!

So I ditched the nursing shirts and opted for my own comfy, cuter, pre pregnancy clothes and avoided nursing in public at all costs for fear of showing my belly. Ugh! There must be a better way!

After a very successful test run and a fruitful trip to the Salvation Army, I am all ready to begin constructing my nursing shirts, which will be hardly recognizable as such! I will post them as soon as I am finished so stay tuned.

New Owl Buddies!

Check out these adorable Owl Buddies.


Each owl is individually cut and crafted to give it a unique personality.


They are made completely of recycled wool, right down to the stuffing!  etsystuffing

We will be posting more as they become available. It you have a color scheme request let us know and we will make your very own owl buddy!

Gently Made’s Etsy Shop

Gently Made is pleased to announce that the Gently Made Etsy shop is up and running. All of our orders will now be taken through To visit our shop go to If you have any questions send us an email at Thank you for your support!